Columns Dream Meaning

Columns Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Columns in the dream?

Dreaming of columns sustaining a building is omened the importance of your participation in the family like agglutinative center of all. Doric columns in a dream mean the vertical support that you need your company to leave the financial depression that has at the moment.

If you dream of ionic columns of the palace of fine arts of your city is expressed your interest it by the architecture of the antiquity and the study of them.

To dream of Corinthian columns represents a strong commitment with your past or with family customs, as well as fidelity without limits to the executives of your company.In any event, the dream about columns has several meanings of since importance it is the basement of very important matters of your private life. It is very common that this type of dream stimulates to break outlines and ties.

To dream of a column represents feelings about yourself, other people, or situations you are experiencing being supportive in a strong way. Negatively, you may feel burdened by having to support a situation or person for too long a period of time. Feelings about family or parents. Feelings about yourself being a supportive parent.

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