Colors Dream Meaning

Colors Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Colors in the dream?

Colors are used in dreams to classify your beliefs, emotions, and behaviors under a number of categories.

Colors hold different meanings depending the context, location and feeling in your dream. Colors carry very powerful messages that is why some colors stand out more than others. They can connect to our feelings, moods, power and harmony as we move about in this life.

If color appears pronounced in a dream, it can have special significance. When a color or colors become the subject or focal point, replace the color with its emotional association or aspect of the self listed below for clues to its symbolism. This will shed light on the feeling or idea that is being explored.

White is purity, virginity, and the idea of coming clean or being truthful. Black can be dirty or represent what is unacknowledged or unseen. Something may be blocking your ability to see clearly, perhaps leaving you feeling depressed, as in a ‘black cloud.’ Blue is intuition or insight as in the sky is ‘the limit’ or limitless in your ability for optimism. Deities are associated with living in the sky and portray your inspired wisdom and a sense of following fate or seeking opportunity. Brown is an organic color of earthiness symbolizing a need to be down to earth or return to your roots. Gold suggests ‘all that glitters’ and attracts you with its aura of allure. Gold can symbolize what is sacred or valuable to you.

Gray can be responsibility or living by routine because of its association with being drab or servant’s clothing. Silver can be associated with ‘the silver lining’ that surrounds clouds when the sun is about to break through, suggesting hope or the ability to transcend difficulty. Silver can also be associated with durability or what is lasting and powerful about you. Green is associated with healing and growth. Orange portrays nourishment and sustenance by balancing conflicting aspirations. Orange also ‘stands out’, or asks to be acknowledged. Like people in prison attire, a side of you may be kept separate from the ‘population’ because it is viewed as a threat to other sides of you. Purple will often represent joy, spiritual feelings and enlightenment. Red is associated with anger and passion; this is a color that demands your attention or that you ‘stop’ doing something and pay attention to your real passions. Yellow suggests pausing or waiting, or can be associated with the life giving power of the sun, representing how you shine. Yellow can also be a color of jealousy or hurt feelings associated with the past. Pink can represent being ‘in the pink’ or happy, making changes that better reflect who you are and what you need.

When you see something written in a colored ink, both the message and the color need to be considered. Green writing can pertain to health, while red writing is a call for extra attention.

Different colors

Seeing many different colors symbolizes an emotional roller coaster. You will experience various emotions due to a single event or development in your life. For example, the news of a close friend’s engagement will make you feel elated and excited, but it would also make you wistful and nostalgic about your days spent when you were both single. Alternatively, a multitude of colors can also signify LGBT pride and diversity which is gaining more support in your community due to growing awareness.

Different colors

Unusual colors in a dreamscape, like purple cats or green skies, often allude to unusual circumstances or accidents popping up in wake life. In many cases, these would turn out to be innocuous, like bumping into someone while passing through a doorway or not knowing if you should move to the right or left when someone is walking in your direction on a narrow sidewalk. The results would be unpredictable, but they are also unlikely to have lasting effects.

Unusual colors

According to traditional dream interpretation sources, various articles of clothing in different colors or a single multicolored garment both have the same meaning. Seeing the shades of the rainbow on clothing suggests you would go through a period of time that is filled with many ups and downs. You may get a promotion one day and fall seriously ill the next. You may reunite with a long lost friend on social media one day and learn about a major disaster the next day on the news. The particular garments you saw may provide further information for analysis if they were memorable enough to stand out in your vision.

Clothes of different colors

Envisioning someone wearing black clothes is considered a warning sign in dreams. This symbol predicts an unavoidable loss that you would suffer from for a long time. The loss is not necessarily related to a person who you love, meaning it can be linked to physical property as well. The white face in your vision indicates deception and camouflage, as the white face can be considered the representation of a mask. With this symbol in mind, it seems you might lose an individual who is purposely trying to hide something from you. In the long term, however, you would not regret this loss.

A man in black clothes and with a white face

Seeing in your dream two people clad in black and white clothes suggests you will see both sides of an issue soon.

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