Chicken Dream Meaning

Chicken Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Chicken in the dream?

You may dream of a chicken as a message about being afraid or ‘chicken.’ A hen can symbolize domestic chores or being ‘hen-pecked’ or controlled

Chicken in general

The image of a chicken in a dream vision is often interpreted as a positive sign. In many cases this symbol portends the addition of someone new to your family circle, often through birth, adoption or marriage. It can additionally refer to someone entering into your life again after a period of separation, for example, after working or studying in another city or country. This meeting or reunion is likely to bring much excitement and joy to your existence, lifting up your spirits and fueling your happiness for the foreseeable future. Another interpretation of the chicken symbol suggests you could be concerned or thinking about one of your female relatives. You may be worried about the health or happiness of your mother, sister or aunt, causing this symbol to manifest in your dreams.

Chicken in general

Buying chicken in a dream vision, either from a supermarket or an open air market, is considered a positive symbol to behold. It suggests you would experience a carefree, happy-go-lucky lifestyle and be blessed with various little surprises and pleasures throughout your life. This auspicious atmosphere and its effects are likely to extend to your immediate family or living companions as well.

Buying a chicken

Seeing a chicken surrounded by its chicks in the dream world is often thought to reflect the dreamer’s concerns about their own family or individual family members. One or more members of the family may be going through a difficult time in reality, leading to the manifestation of this symbol. For those who are apart from or do not have a family, this same image could reveal the desire to start a family or belong to a family unit. Additionally, seeing a chicken near its chicks may allude to the concerns that the dreamer’s parents hold for their child. This is especially true if the child has recently moved or started a new phase in their life.

A chicken with chicks

Seeing or hearing the clucking of a chicken within the dream word may allude to upcoming travel plans or a need to visit some other area outside your normal stomping grounds. This could be due to work, like a business trip, or personal matters, such as a vacation or family event. While this symbol does not necessarily imply positive or negative reasons for travel, it usually leans toward more pleasurable reasons than otherwise. Additionally, if the chicken in the vision was clucking in fear or because of impending danger, it can also predict a future illness or infirmity that would cause disappointment and difficulty in your daily existence.

A clucking chicken

Seeing chickens running about freely in a dream vision has the same meaning as the phrase running around like a chicken with its head cut off. In a sense, this vision predicts the dreamer becoming very busy or preoccupied with the arrival of someone who has been away for a long while. This could be a family member who would crash at your place for a few months or a friend who needs help getting back on their feet. Catering to their wants and needs would eat up a lot of your time.

A chicken running free

Watching a chicken pecking at the grass for seeds or worms is often interpreted positively in the dream world. It portends you would experience great prosperity or good fortune in the near future. Beyond wealth and material possessions, this symbol is also associated with good health, close relationships and peace of mind that would last for a long time into the future. This situation would allow you to relax and enjoy life to the fullest.

A chicken pecking grains

Seeing a flying chicken can be interpreted as a warning when seen in a dream. It often reveals the dreamer’s recent activity is causing them to spread themselves too thin.

If you see this image in your dreams, you could already be feeling the negative effects of having too much to do in too little time. It may be a good idea to prioritize your tasks and obligations so that you can accomplish things steadily instead of failing to complete everything at once.

A flying chicken

Seeing a chicken sitting in its nest is a positive symbol to behold in a dream, especially for romantic couples, partners and married people. This sign predicts that areas of hardship and suffering in the relationship, after so much struggle and effort, would suddenly be completely fixed or finished. This would restore balance and harmony in the partnership once more, allowing for happiness and contentment to bloom. In the case of single, unmarried individuals, this same image can predict soon meeting and marrying someone who would bring much joy to their existence.

A chicken in the nest

Envisioning yourself chopping a chicken into little bits and pieces is a highly negative symbol to perceive in a dream. It often portends some terrible hardship befalling you or becoming a victim of misfortune. The source of your troubles is likely none other than yourself. You have probably acted rashly or thoughtlessly in a recent situation that has caused others to turn against or completely forsake you.

Chopping chicken into pieces

A vision containing the image of multiple chickens in the same place or area is often associated with an increase in your wealth and prosperity. Specifically, this symbol suggests you would come into some money either in a lump sum or through gambling. Additionally, this same sign can predict poor weather conditions, like rain, wind or snow. This weather warning should be heeded, especially if you are planning to travel.

Many chickens

Taking the time to feed chickens during the course of your dream vision may be an indication that you are about to receive a present, some recognition or assistance from someone or a group of people present in wake life. This is likely someone you know who is thoughtful and caring, a person who takes the time to make sure you are happy and prospering. This same image of feeding chickens can predict meeting such an individual and building a close friendship with them.

Feeding chickens

Seeing a chicken lay an egg or multiple eggs during the course of a dream vision can be interpreted as a positive sign. It predicts you would experience a period of time filled with happiness and contentment. Furthermore, you would be completely satisfied with your situation. This is likely due to your accomplishment of a major goal or because you have been treated with consideration and respect from those around you.

Chicken laying an egg

In a dream vision, the image of a chicken being chased by a rooster is often perceived to be negative and unfavorable. As this chasing is often connected with the idea of mating, seeing such a symbol in your dreams could mean your current relationship is about to hit a rocky patch. You may go through a series of disagreements or find that the foundation you have built your trust on is unsteady in one way or another. For someone who is unmarried, this same symbol could reflect your recent interactions with a couple who often fights or gets into disagreements with each other.

A chicken chased by a rooster

For women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant in the future, seeing a single chicken in front of you or near you could indicate that your future child would be a girl. This female baby would bring much happiness and joy to your life, filling your days with laughter and pleasantness.

A chicken for pregnant women

Envisioning a black or dark-colored chicken can be interpreted as a negative or inauspicious symbol in a dream. It often manifests in response to conflict, aggression and bad feelings among family members or those who live under the same roof. Occasionally, this vision can also predict troubles and hardships for members of your immediate or extended family. These difficulties may affect multiple people and cause much sadness for those involved. Finally, a black chicken has occasionally been considered a reflection of the dreamer’s tendency to be easily bullied, taken advantage of or ridiculed. This is likely because your friends are not actually looking out for your best interests.

A black chicken

The image of a snow-white chicken is often associated with marriage and wedding ceremonies. Such a symbol often predicts being part of a wedding. This could be either the wedding of someone you know or your own nuptials. Additionally, you could soon meet or become acquainted with a woman who is about to become a bride. You would see the growth of love and devotion she would have for her future life partner and appreciate the intensity and sincerity of their feelings. A white chicken is also associated with success and prosperity, suggesting you are better than most at getting a lot done in a relatively short amount of time.

A snow-white chicken

If you see a chicken foraging for food among piles of cash and coins, it may be a sign that you need to be more cautious and attentive to the decisions you make or the actions you take. In essence, this symbol suggests you would find yourself in a bad situation due to a lack of planning, forethought or discretion. To avoid careless mistakes or thoughtless deeds, you may need to spend more time than usual in the planning or research stages of your objectives.

Chicken foraging in money

Envisioning a home or other dwelling standing on chicken legs, such as that the foundation of the building is missing, predicts you would soon be greatly surprised or scandalized by some event, news or situation that is about to come to light. However, this image by itself does not reveal whether or not you would be pleasantly caught off guard or horribly shocked by what you learn. Your reaction, therefore, could be either relatively happy or highly negative.

A house standing on chicken legs

Trying and failing to communicate with someone whose words resemble the clucking of a chicken could reveal your tendency to be easily tricked or taken advantage of by certain individuals in wake life. You may be gullible in the general sense or just unwilling to be critical of those you hope to be liked by. However, it is very likely that these same men and women are trying to mislead you or make you do things that are not in your best interest. This symbol suggests you should avoid making choices under pressure or duress so that you can choose for yourself what would make you happy.

Someone who sounds like a chicken

Seeing a still, idle chicken, possibly sitting in an open area or atop a nest, is often perceived as a warning in the dream world. It portends someone imploring you for help on a certain task or project in which you have some authority, experience or ability. However, it is very likely that the individual requesting your services is not doing so because of a need for assistance. Rather, they are probably lazy or unmotivated and are therefore only pretending to be incompetent. It would be best to be critical of requests made so as to avoid taking on unnecessary work from those who are slothful.

Chicken sitting motionlessly

Envisioning a creature that is the combination of a chicken and a cow, specifically that of a chicken with the udder of a cow, could symbolically represent an upcoming situation where you would be tricked by someone involved in illegal or immoral activities. You could become the victim of a scam or unwittingly help someone partaking in such an unethical venture. It would be wise to carefully ponder future involvements so that you do not become wrapped up in questionable situations.

Chicken with a cow udder

Watching a chicken attack or retaliate against someone during a dream vision carries a highly ominous interpretation. This is especially true if the chicken was trying to protect or shield its young from danger or threats. In essence, the chicken in this type of vision is synonymous with a warning to watch out for those trying to involve themselves in your business. While they may be offering help or advice, this other party may actually be plotting to take advantage of or betray you. Their promises would never come to fruition, leaving you in dire straights at the last moment. You should avoid placing trust in those whose loyalty has gone untested or who have acted questionably in the past.

A chicken attacking someone

Seeing the waste and destruction of a beautiful garden that was destroyed by the pecking of chickens could predict soon being disappointed by family members or relatives, particularly young, inexperienced ones. In a sense, this vision carries the suggestion that an unready or unqualified individual of your relation would try to do something beyond their ability, resulting in disaster and ruin. You would be deeply disappointed in their lack of good judgment and possibly negatively affected by their actions as well.

A garden devastated by chickens

Attempting to cook a chicken before removing the feathers, either on purpose of because you forgot, is often interpreted as a negative sign. It suggests you are soon to receive a surprise from someone you know. This individual likely had your best interests at heart and tried to pick a surprise they thought would please and delight you. However, you may be confused, disturbed or horrified by what they present when you learn the truth of the matter.

Cooking feathered chicken

Desperately attempting to save a chicken that has been trapped or attacked in a dream vision should be considered a warning. It can be interpreted as an indication that the individual who has been guiding and assisting you may in fact need assistance him or herself. It would greatly benefit both you and your mentor if you were to step in and give your support in this situation.

Trying to save a chicken from danger

If you are contemplating killing a chicken during the course of a dream vision, you may want to be wary of those lurking in the shadows of your life. Thoughts centered on the life or death of a chicken could reveal the presence of men and women who try to manipulate, take advantage of or use you for their purposes. They may also be interested in getting in the way of your personal goals or destroying them by spreading false rumors. This situation, if not prevented, could cause much embarrassment, frustration and sadness for you.

Deciding to kill a chicken

A dream in which you run about trying to catch an escaped chicken is often interpreted as a neutral symbol. On one hand, it suggests starting a difficult, challenging or complicated endeavor that would cause you much frustration and possibly result in some setbacks. On the other hand, however, you are likely to be successful if you enlist the help of friends, family and others who hope to see you thrive.

Trying to catch a chicken

The image of a chicken’s dead body in a dream vision often portends tragedy and great loss. This symbol is a warning that you may soon witness the passing or death of someone in reality. This may be the accidental death of a complete stranger or the final moments of a family member already consumed by a long-term disease. You would likely be shocked, aghast and even horrified by this event, meaning the memories would stay with you for many years to come.

Chicken carcasses

Seeing a chicken coop in your dream vision, whether you are inspecting it or inside it for some reason, suggests your current abilities are only producing modest returns on their investment. While you may not be overly rich or successful, you also do not yearn for greatness. You probably have no ambition to improve either your talents or your position in life because you are relatively content with what you have already achieved or are comfortable with your current lifestyle.

A chicken coop

As a dream imagery, a deep-fried chicken refers to destructive or unhealthy habits you need to purge from your life. Food can often mean spiritual nourishment, but in this case the process of cooking the chicken is not very healthy so this extends to the dream interpretation. Specifically, in the process of satisfying your needs you may resort to questionable tactics that will backfire on you. Make sure you know the consequences of your actions before taking part in a hedonistic pursuit.

Fried chicken

Raw chicken is the manifestation of worries or fears that you have yet to put a name to in wake life. It is more of a feeling or a voice in the back of your head telling you that something is not right. Seeing this symbol in your dreams should make you more cautious in reality.

If you pay attention closely, you may find something out of place that requires fixing or moving.

Raw chicken

The image of a chicken coop represents your current situation in reality. While your career and talents are not necessarily bringing in a large amount of money, you are probably fairly content with your current lifestyle. The multiple chickens within the coop may reveal the presence of different skills you have or opportunities that are available which could make you a tidy sum of money if utilized. However, the idea that they were sleeping could suggest they are not fully ready or developed yet.

A chicken coop

Dreaming about chickens laying an unusually large number of eggs means accomplishing a lot of tasks or a major goal. It is also a sign of getting respect and admiration from others because of your accomplishments.

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