Cherub Dream Meaning

Cherub Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Cherub in the dream?

To dream of a cherub represents vicinity to the mystic thing, to the wisdom, to the total defense and the transfer toward the side of that committed. A cherub symbolizes purity, knowledge and defense of the fair causes.

Dreaming of a cherub that accompanies you in the rest is expressed protection in your steps or ideas by somebody or something in the next months.

If you dream of a cherub that moves it to you to an unknown place you should be very careful or very cautious when you are moving or driving a vehicle starting from today. Anyway, to dream of a cherub will motivate happiness, celebration or amusement in your person. It is as an advice that you should be more cheerful and optimist for the good of all.

To dream of a cherub represents feelings about some aspect of your life being perfectly innocent. Alternatively, cherub may reflect your feelings about some aspect of your life being perfect for your needs or perfectly helpful.

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