Candles Dream Meaning

Candles Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Candles in the dream?

To see a burning candle in your dream represents hope or possibility. A positive outlook or belief during an uncertain time. Beliefs that give you confidence in difficult situations.

Dreaming of lit candles on a cake is omened prosperity, health and peace in your family to follow the force instigator of the pure potentiality.

If you dream of yellow candles you will be able to control all your emotions when noticing that something walks badly in your house with your finances. The candles pink in your dreams symbolize to feel well and I heal to carry out complex tasks, actions or plans.

To dream of blue candles in the sea it represents the emotion that you have on your future that you can be wanting on your objectives of long term.Wherefore, the sensibility is very important to take to facts the premonitions of this dream. The possibilities that it points out this dream are enormous for you if you takes the life like a responsible and amusing game.

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