Burglar Dream Meaning

Burglar Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Burglar in the dream?

To dream of to see or to be a burglar is a sign that you need of incredible adventures of love and money, always accompanied by dangers and tensions. It is clear that a burglar symbolizes a strong spirit able to manipulate the world and to achieve things like nobody.

If you dream of a burglar climbing a very high building the arrival of a commercial next adventure it is expressed that will be very lucrative.

Dreaming of a burglar amid the night dressed of black you will obtain a commercial permission or I hire of very advantageous work.However, the presence in its dreams of a burglar offers a positive message but full with frights. Leave you to take for your instincts and try to be but patient and reflexive.

The Burglar represents one aspect of you that may be undermining another, as in working too hard and not being open to relationships, and so you dream of having your ring stolen. You may dream of having belongings stolen like a purse or wallet when your identity or job status is changing. Also see Intruder under Archetypes and Universal Characters.

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