Bulb Dream Meaning

Bulb Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Bulb in the dream?

To dream of a bulb of incandescent type means a great advice or reflection to improve the use of something or to rectify an approach or action. A bulb of incandescent type represents the image of the waste, of the expense and the not control.

If you dream of a bulb of incandescent type of half power as of 100 watts you should rectify or check your expenses with urgency.

Dreaming of a bulb of incandescent type of low power as of 40 watts it seeks advice to get better your house, feeding and even the quality of life.Just so, this type of dream has demonstrated the force and utility of the human creativity in front of the limitation or rejection to the change of other people. It is a premonition that advances results personal and collective very positive what it guarantees prosperity and future.

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