Breakup Dream Meaning

Breakup Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Breakup in the dream?

Dreaming of a breakup of a social relationship is represented the loss of the heat and the human affection of something valuable. A breakup means a damaged pride and a lost trust after much of time.

If you dream of a breakup matrimonial after decades of coexistence you will give more support to your family and to improve the communication.

To dream of a breakup of a friendship that born in the childhood it advises to be measured and honest with all the people that need of your affection.Just so, this dream will be able to give you force to rectify your mistakes and to minimize your decisions. This type of dream gives a road or solution of realization to all nostalgia or loss of the trust for the pleasure of many.


A break up with your significant other over the course of a dream vision is not necessarily indicative of such an event in reality, although it does touch on some feelings related to that kind of situation. In a sense, breaking up is connected with your feelings of insecurity or concern over aspects of your relationship. You may feel that your weak points and shortcomings would eventually cause your partner to see you in a negative light or make them desire someone else. While this is only a reflection of your subconscious, you should be wary that how you feel does not affect your interactions with them.


Breaking things up in the dream world is a complicated image to interpret and depends on the context of the situation.

If you were breaking things apart angrily or violently, this symbol may be the manifestation of deep seated anger toward certain situations that you cannot control in reality. Alternatively, breaking things up calmly in order to separate them into boxes or trash bins may be a sign of needing to organize your day to day life and de-clutter your home.

Breaking things up

Leaving a friend during a dream vision, whether it was a mutual agreement or a huge fight, does not necessarily mean you want to end your friendship. Instead, it suggests you subconsciously yearn for new emotions and experiences. While there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to try new things, depending on your interests, you may wind up annoying or alienating some of your current comrades.

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