Brazil Dream Meaning

Brazil Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Brazil in the dream?

To dream of Brazil represents a state of willing spirit very positive, cheerful, happiness and spend a very amusing night. Brazil symbolizes lechery, to take advantage of everything or to show off of the personal physique.

If you dream of Brazil and their carnivals in Rio de Janeiro you will enjoy an amusing party with all the friends and colleagues this weekend.

Dreaming of Brazil and their carnivals of Salvador of Bay is going to express the beautiful joy of a barbecue with the whole family in the backyard of your house in two months. Exactly, the dream about Brazil and their people are amusement and concern, and even happiness and sadness because there are social different and contradictory levels right now. In occasions, Brazil could alert in a dream an aggression, a humiliation or a dangerous robbery. Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold.

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