Boots Dream Meaning

Boots Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Boots in the dream?

To dream of boots represents a bold position or a firm stance. You or some area of your life that does what it wants and gives up nothing. Moving forward despite all objections or opposition.

Connected to your movement, path or how you navigate in your life. You walk everyday on your feet the condition signify how protected you are. Torn boots suggest hard work but a need to slow down and recharge. Buying boots represents new movement and protection along your journey. Rubber boots signify protection against emotional turmoil.

Like shoes, boots offer a message about getting more grounded, natural, and earthy in the steps you are taking to actualize your aspirations. The boot can also be a symbol of becoming more motivated as in ‘booting up’ or starting something. Looking for boots can symbolize planning for a difficult transition. Getting ‘the boot’ is also something to consider in this imagery as a fear of an impending change. Offering more protection than shoes or sandals, boots can be associated with increased discipline and self-protection. Rain boots would carry the symbolism into the area of protecting yourself from wallowing in your feelings (water and mud)

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