Blessing Dream Meaning

Blessing Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Blessing in the dream?

A dream where it offers or it is received a blessing it represents loss of the faith or a lapses in your memory that will prevent to obtain a great victory.

To dream of a blessing means the guilt or the sadness that it feels when not concluding a requested work.

If you dream of a blessing that a priest grants to your person you will be able to appear a situation in your life that will make change your attitude with a friend.

Dreaming of a blessing that a senior person gives you it omens an improvement in your personal decisions on your current work.Finally, the dream about a blessing allows identify everything that brake your faith or love with the fellow-being. Here, all negativity on some problem will disappear or they will fade the ideas antiquated in your mind.

To dream of a blessing represents acceptance by others or being recognized for your growth, progress and understanding. Feeling free to move ahead with some endeavor. Others approving of your actions.

Blessing a child

Prayers and blessings are often associated with contentment and peace of mind in reality. This symbol reflects your mental state as well as the current situation you are experiencing in wake life. Being asked to bless a child could mean that you feel able to share this happiness with others, perhaps by offering advice or doing favors for others without expecting repayment. While you would certainly be helping others, your good deeds would only further improve your mood and inner tranquility.

Blessing a child

This vision is full of mixed imagery, so it is difficult to come to a concise interpretation. The cloudy sky and the whitish substance that fell upon you represent ups and downs in your personal relationships. For example, you may spend many weeks believing your connections with others are strong and unshakable only to be faced with a situation where someone you care about leaves you suddenly. Your shouts to God actually reflect some guilt or regret you are carrying with you, perhaps related to the falling out with your companion. The golden eagle that brings you comfort in this vision has two meanings. The first suggests that some rash behavior or primal urge is the source of your troubles. The second reveals that working toward stronger self control could help fix your problems or at least mitigate some of the damage caused.

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