Banana Dream Meaning

Banana Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Banana in the dream?

Being ‘yellow’ and a monkey’s favorite food, the banana is a playful way that the psyche portrays sexual thoughts. As a symbol of nourishment, it suggests how you need only peel away your outer covering (clothes) to get at the fruit within. Most food symbols portray the idea of how you are seeking more fulfillment (nourishment) in what you are doing. The banana combines the color yellow (jealousy) with a phallic shape that can represent power or potency. A rotten banana can represent neglecting sexuality – or feeling a lack of reward from all of your efforts

Bananas in general

Dreaming about seeing bananas in general, for example sold at the supermarket, could symbolize uninteresting encounters. That is, you might be interacting with someone whom you find dull, pathetic or not worth paying any attention to. Often so, you would feel bored and not enjoying these meetings at all. However, you might be keeping this relationship out of a sense of moral obligation or because you feel it was a decent thing to do.

Bananas in general

Observing yourself eating a banana in a dream is a negative sign. It could translate your current or upcoming involvement in a tiring, demanding and risky activity, project or business. You might start seeing your schedule become busier and your efforts multiplied in order to get the work done. Your responsibilities would increase at the same rate as your worries and headaches would. You could soon find yourself in a state of utter exhaustion which could be the outcome of your current affairs and dealings.

Eating a banana

Seeing, handling or trying to consume dated or rotten bananas in a dream usually portends negativity. It is possible that you are or would soon be involved in an activity, project or business against your will. That is, you might have to pursue some goal with which you are displeased or in disagreement. Alternatively, the dream could reveal experiencing some sexual problems. For example, underperforming or not enjoying sexual intercourse.

Dated or rotten bananas

Dreaming about finding yourself selling bananas could symbolize irrelevant dealings. Specifically, you could soon become involved with activities, projects or plans that are worthless to you. You would find no interest, value, meaning, satisfaction or joy in that particular endeavor. It is possible that you might quit or at least feel tempted to abandon these pursuits.

Selling bananas

For women, dreaming about eating a banana could be a very positive sign. It could translate your current or upcoming feelings regarding your sexual life. You and your sexual partner or partners would both feel happy, fulfilled and satisfied with the existing intimate relationship. You would get along at all levels of the relationship. That is, you would feel attuned and in harmony with each other and each other’s wishes and desires.

Eating a banana for a female

For women, dreaming about ripping a banana from a banana plant symbolizes their dominating nature. That is, you may be in the process or soon adopt an actively dominant attitude towards the person with whom you have a sexual relationship. This behavior could perhaps be driven by your fear of being dominated or threatened by the male organ. Alternatively, you might envy the masculine position and performance, compete with it or try to overpower it.

Ripping a banana from the plant

Dreaming about peeling a banana could translate your strong masculinity. It is possible that you feel or act like a macho man. Regardless of your actual gender, this attitude reveals a close affinity to the stereotypical masculine principles, beliefs and behaviors which might extend far beyond your sexual life. You would want to be the ultimate man, possessing and manifesting qualities usually attributed to males.

Peeling a banana

Dreaming about observing someone eating a banana is symbolic of sexual attraction. In this case, there could be someone who is sexually attracted to you. That person would desire you and seek to establish a closer and sexual relationship with you. Despite the clarity of their intentions, you might have not yet noticed it. That is, you might not be consciously aware of their fascination about you. However, your subconscious mind is picking up on these signs and asking you to acknowledge them.

Someone eating a banana

Dreaming about seeing bunches of bananas either on a plant or by themselves is a favorable sign. In particular, it suggests that you might find a sexual partner. This person would be a perfect match for you sexually and your sensualities would complement and elevate each other. It would feel like the long lost other half has finally been found. This match would be absolutely perfect, all to your surprise and delight upon this discovery.

Bunches of bananas

Dreaming about eating a banana and enjoying its taste and aroma is a symbol of fast cycles. It is possible that you will soon find yourself in a situation with rapid repercussions, developments or consequences. The succession of these events would be extremely fast. However, not every event would be a novelty or a surprise. That is, there could be some repeated events and familiar reactions.

Enjoying the taste or smell of a banana

Dreaming about buying bananas at a supermarket could be a forewarning. Namely, you should be careful and watch your every action. This is because you might be dealing with powerful and influential people. These individuals could easily create some undesired problems and headaches. In order to avoid such disastrous outcomes, close attention to your conduct and behavior might be necessary.

Buying bananas

Dreaming about eating or handling unripe or green bananas is a forewarning. You might benefit from interacting with people in a more thoughtful and careful way. This especially applies to meeting and dealing with individuals who may express their sexual interest, affection and attraction toward you. It is better not to lead them astray by pursuing any sexual activities with them, for it may have negative consequences. That is, the relationship is not ripe for sexual intercourse.

Unripe bananas

Dreaming about observing the growth of bananas on a banana plant is an unfavorable sign. You might soon become exhausted, drained and tired. This physical and psychological state would be consequent of your involvement with someone whom you find unappealing, interesting, unrewarding, boring or unworthy. At the end, you might regret having dedicated you attention and time to this person. You would feel tired and disappointed.

Bananas growing on a plant

Dreaming about finding yourself or observing others cutting bananas into small pieces could be a symbol of restrained flattery. That is, you could be sexually attracted to someone and outwardly flirt, adulate or tease them. Moreover, your efforts and attempts were noticed. As a consequence, this person might end up becoming possessive and jealous. He or she would try to prevent you from flirting with others.

Cutting bananas in pieces

Dreaming about buying bananas and then carrying them home could foretell a sexual affair. It is possible that you might find yourself involved in a romantic relationship. This relationship would be very rewarding and fulfilling and make you feel excited and alive by bringing you a lot of pleasure. Alternatively, you could be about to receive an unexpected gift. Although modest, it would be a delight for you.

Carrying bananas

Dreaming about finding yourself looking at a display of bananas for sale without purchasing any could be a negative sign. Specifically, it could foretell a period of solitude or aloneness. However, you would not enjoy it. Rather, you would feel neglected or abandoned and hope you had some company with you.

Looking at bananas

Having a funeral at your own house symbolizes a possible ending of relations and subsequent acceptance of the fact. It could also allude to freedom and separation from your family and loved ones. It signals an end of a chapter and the beginning of a new journey. Thus, the ripe bananas surrounding the graveyard in your dream represent the great unknown you are about to face after you leave behind your comfort zone. It also reveals maturity and readiness to assert your independence.

Bananas in a graveyard

Dreaming about the Virgin Mary and Jesus could mean that you are undergoing some inner spiritual conflict and you are looking for the support of higher power to resolve it. Because you mention that the Virgin Mary accepted one of the bananas you picked up after it fell on the ground and went bad, it could be a sign that Jesus and his mother will always love you no matter what happens, all you have to do is acknowledge your sins and ask for forgiveness, with an honest desire to improve the aspects of yourself you question or are not happy with.

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