Bagel Dream Meaning

Bagel Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Bagel in the dream?

A dream in which you see or eat a bagel it is a sign of necessity or lack of something essential, as well as of not satisfied desires including the carnal.

To dream of a bagel represents fatigue, passivity and confirmation of a non clear future.

If you dream of a bagel on the table of the dining room of your house you will be able to obtain with success the work that you want today in the company but with a lot of effort previous.

Dreaming of a bagel on the worktable is expressed maintain of your employment in a stable way but with less benefits than the last year.Justly, this dream indicates that you feel worthy of your desires but breaking the barrier of the effort and the praise for the results in your company. Limit your pride and arrogance so that the prosperity flows in a natural and calm way.

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