Atomic explosion Dream Meaning

Atomic explosion Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Atomic explosion in the dream?

Witnessing atomic explosion

Dreaming that you are witnessing an atomic explosion is a foretelling of receiving some major news. You are about to find out something of great relevance about one of your friends and this will affect the way you look at life.

Witnessing atomic explosion

Being a victim of an atomic explosion is a sign of good fortune. You will receive great opportunities in the near future, whether in your career or in your personal life, and this will give you a chance to develop and grow even more.

Being a victim of an atomic explosion

Receiving the news about an atomic explosion (on TV or radio for example), but not actually experiencing it, is an ominous warning about very disheartening news. You will soon receive some news that may bring you distress or sadness.

The news about atomic explosion

Seeing the aftermath of atomic explosion is a sign of sickness or bad health. You will have some health issues and this will dramatically alter the way you live your life. Some activities that you enjoy doing may have to be sacrificed, either permanently or for the meantime.

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