Assistance Dream Meaning

Assistance Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Assistance in the dream?

An assistance in a dream implies relationships or necessities of friends or you with the family or with your the work current. Of demanding a friend or a member of the family your collaboration, to dream of an assistance can guide you how to manage the attitude about it.

If you dream of an assistance of character financier to an unknown person you should be very careful when giving collaboration or support on to all person from now.

Dreaming of an assistance of material character as food or medicines to a well-known person is omened an economic difficulty complicated in some relative or friend very near to you.Exactly, this dream allows giving a light or an explanation to an important decision that you will make very soon and that it could damage your patrimony. Also, of being too reiterated this dream you should get ready to situations of vulnerability, weakness or crisis.

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