Asleep Dream Meaning

Asleep Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Asleep in the dream?

Being asleep during a road trip

A road trip in dreams often reflects your journey in the waking world. As such, being asleep during the duration of this road trip reflects your tendency to let others steer the direction of your everyday existence. You may be inclined to let your parents or peers decide for you. This passive and people-pleasing attitude may lead you to the kind of existence which could soon make you unhappy or feeling unfulfilled. So, your anger and frustration towards the end of the vision reveals your realization that you need to start taking charge of your fate and be more proactive and independent.

Being asleep during a road trip

The dreams you had about random people opening your door and taking you by surprise represent exciting yet daunting opportunities about to fall on your lap. It could be a job opportunity, a new venture or even a potential partner. However, the instinct to attack the intruder reveals your unpreparedness to get out of your comfort zone because of a generally cautious personality. For example, whenever you meet someone new, you immediately focus on your differences and reasons why a relationship would not work out. You rarely allow relationships to flourish organically and see for yourself how it develops. As such, the elderly lady standing over you represents valuable advice you have been ignoring. Perhaps it is time for you to be more open-minded and listen to more experienced people about your current predicament.

People who would not leave alone while asleep

Dreaming of better circumstances for yourself or your loved ones reveals your frustrations. In this case, you want your husband to achieve his full potential, unfortunately he may not be the ambitious type and prefer a comfortable existence rather than driven to chase his or your dreams. This can also symbolize your resentment for carrying most of the burden of keeping your family life in order. To avoid further negative thoughts crowding your mind, you need to be open about your concerns with your husband so you can find resolution to your problems.

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