Anus Dream Meaning

Anus Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Anus in the dream?

To see their anus in a dream symbolizes hidden or contradictory feelings that can be him/her bothering at the moment in a way destructor.

To dream of an anus represents remorse, it spoils or an unpleasant or complex aspect that will approach in little time to you.

Dreaming of an anus of dark color seeks advice much care in a selection that you will make very soon linked outdoors to a sport or an activity.

If you dream of an anus of rosy color you should visit the doctor to see the physical nuisance that you has had for days.
At first, the dream about an anus points out something pessimist of your personality, but also something to solve that it will benefit you largely. Also, the anus represents a personal ability not developed or your charitable aptitude with the fellow-being.

A dream that focuses on the anus is a symbol about elimination. Whatever symbol is associated with it needs to be considered as a message about letting go, or coming to terms with a type of integration that is blocked. Also see Anatomy and Body Parts.

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