Answer Dream Meaning

Answer Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Answer in the dream?

When characters respond or give you an answer in a dream, it is usually because you are not acknowledging something important. You can see it as "you" saying something to yourself. Some side of you is questioning what you are doing and the answer should be explored as a type of direction that you are not considering.

If we ask a character something in a dream and they do not answer, the dream is exploring the idea that we are out of sync in some type of change.

The anxiety that is often associated with dreaming occurs because you dream of what you are not facing. Anxiety is important because it stirs emotion and brings a necessary change in perspective ‘to the surface.’ In this way, a puzzling answer or statement is made, which leaves you feeling something. Feeling uneasy is the first step toward making the necessary change.

Answer dreams usually coincide with times when you are on the wrong path or being encouraged to follow another. The words may appear irrelevant and you may find yourself waking up from a bizarre dream with only the feeling of being ‘disturbed.’ The waters of consciousness are now stirred, to allow for a more objective way of approaching your circumstance

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