Anger Dream Meaning

Anger Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Anger in the dream?

To dream of being anger with your friends means that you want important information on somebody or something that he worries about today.

Dreaming of being anger with your children denounces the obtaining of the whole investigation that you needs in less than two days. When it is anger in a dream it reflects that cannot be totally satisfied with the search that possesses about a legal matter that interests you.

If you dreams of being anger in a game table you will have to control your exploration necessity and to control your desires to know more to avoid problems.In any event, this type of dream is emotionally essential in what concerns to all you can extract you of the same one to reveal your advice, premonitions and omens. Use all your perspicacity and your emotion all the changes that you want to carry out to be sure to assure and in peace.

A person who can process anger easily will feel anxiety in a dream, but not anger.

If you are clearly angry in your dream, then look for how you might be repressing anger in daily life. This is an emotion, which we learn early to repress, and each of us processes anger in different ways. Therefore, you may dream about other characters acting with anger against you. This is the only way the person ‘who is never angry’ will have of processing and integrating this ‘unpleasant’ emotion. A ferocious animal attacking you is a clear example of how anger is portrayed in a dream. Since you cannot own the emotion during the day, you experience it as something ‘wild and uncontrollable’ attacking you in the dream.

Angry at the father

Feelings of anger or rage directed at your biological father or a father-like figure in your life may suggest that you have lost the moral high ground in some way. Perhaps you compromised your morals in order to get ahead, either by cheating on a test, swindling someone out of their hard-earned money or presenting yourself as different than you truly are. This may come back to haunt you, as the truth always finds a way to surface. You may even come to have a lack of faith in your own abilities because you did not accomplish your achievements honestly.

Angry at the father

Envisioning your dearly departed father as angry or upset in your dream could reveal that you are feeling some guilt or disappointment in yourself. This is likely because you have failed to complete a task or goal that you set up for yourself. For instance, many individuals see this vision in the months after the start of a new year because they have fallen behind on resolutions like going to the gym or saving money. This dream should serve as a reminder to get back on track, even if you can only do a little to make progress toward your end goal.

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