Alligator Dream Meaning – 17 Interpretations for Dreams About Alligators

Alligator Dream Meaning – 17 Interpretations for Dreams About Alligators

What does it meaning Alligator in the dream?

Alligator dream meaning: To see an alligator in your dream represents the dishonesty, the deception or the false facade of a human attitude.

To dream of an alligator it can indicate that you should remember the past and to reassess your opinion on certain topic.

If you dream of an alligator of great size resting in your back yard you won’t be able to enable the material world with difficulties of debts right now.If you recently had dreams about alligators, you must be wondering, why did you see such a dreadful and scary nightmare? The dream felt real and nerve-racking and it was a premonition of some tricks or imminent disaster coming your way in future.

These frightening reptiles are symbols of worry and concern. Their dream appearance evokes fear and uncertainty about your waking life. Alligators are violent predators that figuratively represent treachery and betrayal.

Lauri Loewenberg noted that like snakes in dreams, dreaming about alligators are symbols of fear and evil things in life. It denotes bad mouth, hurtful words, biting criticisms, and toxic mindset of others that may influence your life and living in direct and indirect ways.

In this article, we will uncover the hidden truths and some big surprises about crocodiles and alligator dreams and their symbolic relationship to our day-to-day life.

When you dream about alligators, it means strength, courage, individuality, protection, a sense of identity, and wisdom. Symbolically, these fierce reptiles are symbols of manifesting inner power and unleashing hidden instincts and wisdom.

Dreaming about alligators and crocodiles may mean many things, depending upon your current life status and the plethora of associated emotions that you may feel after getting up from an alligator dream.

Truly speaking, there is not much difference between the dream symbolism of alligator and crocodile. It is because both these fearful reptiles are powerful symbols of wildness and danger.

Both these huge animals live in wet swampy lands or in water covered with tall grasses. The only difference between them exists in physical looks and that too very negligible.

Alligators have short and round snouts and are known to be a little less aggressive than crocodiles. Conversely, crocodiles are fierce and wild reptiles with long and pointed snouts. In waking life, alligators and crocodiles evoke a lot of fear.

So, it is obvious that when you dream about these strange creatures, it will be difficult to parse and live by.

alligator dream meaning
Alligator dream meaning

Dreaming of an alligator of small size inside your office or workshop seeks advice not to forget the importance of the small errors or lacks inside your spiritual world.As a matter of fact, this dream is very moving and nostalgic for the feelings that it remembers or represses inside all individual. All the conscious one or unconscious one will be subjected to critic with this dream that takes out all the negative one inside of the people.

Similar to a snake these cold blooded reptiles can be very cunning and deceiving. Though they love to dwell in water that shows an emotional attack. Now this can be something that remains unconscious about yourself, or reflects the dangerous people around you. They have thick skin that are known to camouflage itself before it attacks..

Alligator swimming

If you dream of alligator swimming towards you or trying to sneak up on you while it’s in a body of water, then it could be a warning that you may have some unfavorable circumstances coming your way or something unpleasant is about to affect a person who is close or important to you.

Killing an alligator dream meaning

A dream in which you see yourself slaying or killing an alligator is symbolic of the good vibes in your life. It signifies that you would be triumphant in overcoming certain obstacles and hindrances which have been hampering your life recently. You would be able to come up with a genuine and successful resolution of the troubles and tribulations which have been standing in your way of progress.

Seeing an alligator dream meaning

A dream in which you find yourself looking at an alligator or staggering upon one symbolizes that you have a very powerful adversary. Additionally, this dream could signify the presence of a veiled threat or power which might at some point cause you to become a casualty of a calamitous event. This occurrence might also cause a drastic alteration in your life.

Seeing others with an alligator

A dream in which you see other people accompanied by an alligator or being with one could symbolize the troubles and tribulations in the life of these individuals. These obstacles would greatly hamper the life direction for these folks, however if you see one of these people killing the alligator, it could mean that the difficulties for them might be lessened to quite an extent.

Alligator in the water

If you have had a dream about an alligator in the water it is symbolic of your ambiguous and uncertain personality. This is the persona which you exude to the outside world in order to succeed. Additionally, this dream could indicate that you have an adaptable and flexible nature which allows you to deal with whatever circumstances life throws at you with relative ease.

Alligator sneaking up on you

Dreaming about an alligator sneaking up behind you or unexpectedly encountering one and getting startled by its presence portends a period of hardships and difficulties for you. It could signify the hindrances or obstacles in your path and a phase when things might not work in your favor. These dilemmas and predicaments might have a negative impact on your life or someone who is close to you.

Alligator sneaking upon someone

Seeing an alligator sneaking up on someone, for example your friend or a family member, signifies a threat that could be lurking in your household or your social circle. This threat is oftentimes a person with disingenuous motives. Using charm and manipulative tactics, someone close to you could fall prey to their selfish plans. Alternatively, this dream symbol could also be a warning about upcoming hardships that could catch you unprepared and ill-equipped to handle.

Fighting an alligator

Because alligators are normally symbolic of powerful adversaries or competitors, dreaming about fighting an alligator represents the power struggle you could go through with someone who is on the same path as you in reality. For instance, you could get into a competition with someone you work with or may be fighting other students for the top grade in your class. The outcome of the fight may predict the outcome of your struggle.

If you beat the alligator in your dream, you are more likely to find success in reality as well.

Alligator eating someone

Witnessing an alligator eat someone means a person you love will fall victim to a powerful enemy. A politician or a wealthy individual may frame your friend or family member so they can avoid getting punished. This dreamscape scenario also portends possible problems arising from a confrontation with an influential person. A simple online altercation could rouse this person’s fan base into harassing you or someone you know.

Niece sleeping with an alligator

This dream vision contains two opposing symbols which tend to neutralize each other in their overall meaning. The image of an alligator in a dream portends potential obstacles or issues looming ahead for the members of your family or people who matter in your life, perhaps the family of your niece. At the same time, the imagery of a sleeping child predicts that either these issues would be minor or insignificant, or that they can be overcome in a relatively short period of time with no impact on their lives.

An alligator on top of a building

An alligator is a symbol of an enemy. In that sense, you lover’s playful treatment of the alligator may be a projection of your admiration for her. Specifically, you may view her as someone who has a strong character and an uncanny ability to outwit her adversaries. In that sense, you may be looking to her for advice on how to deal with an enemy. Alternatively, the way to neutralize your foe may be by knowing your self-worth and your true value, as symbolized by your lover’s advice in the dream. The building means that the enemy you have in mind may be a colleague or a competitor trying to take opportunities away from you.

Fishing and catching an alligator

To dream of fishing in a river means you are trying to deal with your personal issues. As such, catching an alligator refers to uncovering your dark side. You may find yourself confronting the more unsavory aspects of your character in an attempt to resolve your issues and become a better individual. It may be a painful process to acknowledge your insecurities, weaknesses and all the ugly parts in order to ultimately be more self-aware. But this renewed self-confidence would then allow you to work on self-improvement, for your own growth.

In a dirty pond with alligators

A dirty pond represents an unstable mind or turbulent emotions. Meanwhile, the alligators in the pond symbolize enemies or insincere friends who may betray you to advance their selfish interests. In trying to dodge their attacks or thwart their malicious plans, you could end up stressed and woefully disappointed in your own judgment. So falling into the pond at the end of your dream vision could mean that you could be facing an emotionally-charged period in your life. You may wallow in self-doubt or become a suspicious and a distrustful version of yourself which may not necessarily be the right option for you. As such, trying to reach land refers to your determination not to lose yourself after being betrayed.

Someone cooking alligators

Cooking an alligator may refer to getting rid of bad habits or darker personality traits. Seeing someone else cook them, therefore, could mean you see others improving their lives and desire to do the same, or it suggests that someone in your life is trying to get you to give up something that is not adding value to your life. In either case, the beautiful houses built on unstable ground reflect your hesitations regarding stepping into this new life. Everything would be different from before, as giving up some habits may require you to change where you live or who you interact with. Whether or not you can overcome these concerns and become who you are meant to be, however, are completely up to you.

An alligator biting a knee

The alligator that attacks you in this dream can be interpreted as a sign of upcoming obstacles or difficulties you are about to face. Because it latched onto your knee, it may mean that you would be held back by these troubles, unable to move forward until things are resolved. The bloody pool of water further reveals a need to find salvation, so it is possible this negative situation has been caused by your own poor behavior or lack of judgement. The baby that the alligator later attacked represents someone else taking the fall for your mistakes, which makes sense considering that you felt bad despite your fear. Perhaps this dream is a warning to take responsibility for your own actions rather than forcing others to suffer the outcomes of something you did.

An alligator, numbers and an old coworker

The small alligator nipping at your fingers in this vision may be an unconscious prediction of future troubles or difficulties, possibly at work or while volunteering. Jungian philosophy suggests that the lack of pain means your situation would not be dire, rather it would be easy to overcome or even ignore the problems if you wanted. The numbers you saw, 31 and 34, specifically point toward something at workplace, which is reinforced by the presence of your old co-worker in the vision. The number 31 may represent a meeting that would lead to an interesting and possibly lucrative opportunity for you. However, the number 34 may reveal your efforts would be in vain. How you respond to your difficulties may impact the outcomes of the chances you are given, so it would be wise to be on your A game and try your best to deal with anything that comes your way.

Dreams about alligators

The alligator in your dream symbolizes a powerful enemy. This malicious individual may be flying under the radar but waiting to strike at a moment’s notice. In this dream, your subconscious is alerting you to this threat. Meanwhile, the unfamiliar city reveals a feeling of being disconnected from your work or your community. The streets and sidewalks, in this scenario, mean you are outside of your comfort zone. Perhaps there is a generation gap at play as well, especially since the car was stolen by a young individual. It is possible that there are misunderstandings in dealing with people younger than you which could fuel a sense of resentment whenever disagreements happen. There is an opportunity to work together and use each other’s strengths in a productive way instead of focusing on the differences. However, the ego must be set aside for all parties involved in order to become allies.

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