Aim Dream Meaning

Aim Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Aim in the dream?

Dreaming about aiming is representative of reaching a goal.

If you dream about aiming at a target with any type of weapon your dream represents your preparedness for what lies ahead.

If you dream about someone aiming a weapon at you, it represents the exact opposite.
If you dream about aiming anything other than a weapon, it represents the fact that you are on target to reach your goals and will soon be rewarded for your hard work.

If you are aiming a toy, however, it means that you are ill prepared for an upcoming situation and will need to rely on your charm to get you through it.

A dream related with an aim symbolizes someone that wants to be visited, that needs help or requires of protection for illness or for lost of something important.

To dream of a aim of work of life it symbolizes something obligatory, indispensable or very competitive that it needs of strong support.

If you dream of a aim of work that it repeats several times in a dream you should verify all the telephone calls to check if somebody has called you to request help.

Dreaming of an aim of life that repeats twice in one week it seeks advice check your appointments to confirm some forgetfulness.Nowadays, the dream about an aim is related with contacts or accidental visits that they request something to you in an urgent way. It could be something in what you are working a lot or tightly to get it.

If you are dreaming of aiming an object means that you are aiming for your goal.

If you miss the target suggest that you need more practice and to slow down.

If you so happened to aim a rifle or gun means that you are sexually frustrated.

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