Affliction Dream Meaning

Affliction Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Affliction in the dream?

Dreaming about a physical affliction or illness signifies that something is preventing you from accomplishing the things you want to. You may feel disempowered to make the changes you need to. Perhaps you feel dependent on someone else to provide for you or fight your battles.
Alternatively, you may have begun to rely on the feedback and approval of others to the extent that you do not feel able to make your own decisions anymore. Whatever the cause, chances are that your dream about affliction do not have anything to do with a physical illness; rather, it is almost certainly an emotional or situational issue that is making you feel helpful.

To dream that you are supporting an affliction of some class it means to have been unable to make something, to go by an unpleasant situation or to have a catastrophe in the family spaces. An affliction represents an annoying moment during the dream and in the real life something that will affect to others that it could denounce bad fortune or it anguishes for illness.

If you dream of an affliction provoked by the loss of your health you should be ready to conquer an important test in your life that it will force you to show your best qualities.

Dreaming of an affliction for the loss of the work of a friend seeks advice to wait a call of approval of your boss to apply it an idea in your work and with a great precision.Generally, this type of dream points out challenges and pressures that should not limit or to intimidate you to face the mediating life with your own efforts. Anything should turn off your desires or plans before this uncomfortable dream, although it is a warning of ruin or of serious illness.

Dreaming of affliction usually represents that you will hear bad news or some type of disaster. Alternatively, you may be suffering from inner turmoil and need release some stress.

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