Abyss Dream Meaning – 14 Interpretations for dreams about abyss

Abyss Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Abyss in the dream?

Abyss Dream Meaning: An abyss represents the unknown, and the subconscious. It could represent a circumstance in your life, or a choice you have to make. In that case, you could be standing on the edge fearing to “take the leap” because you do not know what that choice will bring. Alternatively, it could represent a journey into your subconscious, which could be even more intimidating if you jump in. You may confront aspects of yourself that you did not know existed and were not prepared for. While this dream symbol indicates fear, it does not indicate whether the choice to jump in is negative or positive. It is simply the vast unknown.

Often, an abyss present in a dream means to see how an obstacle will disappear or something difficult it will return to the normality.

Dreaming of an abyss amid a forest is expressed that you will be able to neutralize a situation or problem.

If you dream of an abyss in front of the sea you should be careful to the extreme when you carry out physical efforts lingering.

To dream of an abyss it represents near challenge or difficulty next possible to solve without big setbacks but immediately. Many times, this type of dream denounces a difficulty in the personal health or in the financial balance that should be assisted quickly and correctly. This way, take the messages or images of this premonition and they interpret them with depth.

Dreaming of the deep abyss reflects the vast emotional unconscious part of the dreamers personality. Such a vast unexplored part that can be scary and empty, yet contains a hidden mystery of what is going on. What is found or seen are clues that becomes a metaphorical message to the dreamer.

In a dictionary an abyss is defined as a bottomless pit or an immeasurably deep gulf or great space. In our dream world an abyss is an important symbol that we should forget about. An abyss is the dark and scary part of your unconscious that you are starting to explore.

Are you scared or excited in your dream?This will help you determine if your scared or wanting to explore the depths of your mind. It is quite a scary feeling but rewarding if your able to explore. If you fall deep into the abyss, suggest that you may not want to know the mysterious side of your unconscious. Sometimes we dream of an abyss when we are afraid to tackle an impossible task. You may want to look at different angle how to get the ball rolling.

May symbolize a depressing situation.

What is the Psychological Meaning of the Abyss Dream?

Having this dream means that you are undergoing a period of anxiety. It indicates that your nerves are experiencing an overload of some sort.

This will create an abysmal situation in your life. You may be on the precipice of despair and hopelessness.

Such feelings are quite threatening. They cause you to suffer from unwanted emotions.

Also, the abyss can be a representation of that part of your life that you haven’t admitted to yourself. This dream causes you to be uncertain about what you want to achieve.

You have certain fears that are buried deep within you. Actually, it could be that you are scared of death.

As such, the abyss dream should help you to appreciate the value of life.

What’s the Mystical Meaning of the Abyss Dream?

The abyss dream suggests financial hardships. When you experience this dream, take it as a wake-up call regarding your financial dealings.

You need to be particularly careful concerning business dealings.

The mystical meaning of this dream also portends health, employment, and romantic complications.

As such, you need to tread carefully in everything that you do. Let caution and moderation be your keywords.

A very dark abyss is a sign of death. This is not necessarily a physical death. It could be some form of spiritual death.

This may not be a bad thing. You see; sometimes it’s necessary that you lose some part of yourself, especially if that part has become redundant.

This enables you to regenerate, to create a more positive part of yourself.

So, don’t be quick to decide that the abyss dream signifies physical death. Rather, try to find out all the possible metaphorical interpretations of your dream.

It’s possible that you experience this dream so that you can look at life from diverse perspectives.

To see an abyss dream meaning

Dreaming of an abyss is a sign of being afraid of something. It is possible that you are in a difficult situation that has made you turn to vices. You are depressed and you don’t think that things will becoming better. Everyone is telling you to snap out of it before you get yourself into more serious troubles.

To fall into the abyss dream meaning

Dreaming of falling into the abyss warns you of sickness. You probably don’t care for your health a lot and you always have more important things to do than to work out. You live fast, so your nutrition habits are the same. That will make your condition even worse, so it is possible that you will have to go for a checkup or even into the hospital.

Falling into a bottomless abyss dream meaning

Dreaming of falling into a dark bottomless abyss is a symbol of great worries. If you own a private business which is in debts, you are in big trouble. You will not be able to pay off your debts, while your partner will not be understanding of your situation. They want you to provide them with the quality of life they are used to having.

To push someone into the abyss dream meaning

Dreaming of pushing someone into the abyss symbolizes a big misfortune. Your consciousness is restless because you haven’t been honest with a friend. Even if you don’t tell them something, you will have a feeling that you haven’t done the right thing. If they make a wrong mistake, you will know that it will be your fault.

To jump into the abyss dream meaning

Dreaming of jumping into the abyss means that you are putting your life in danger. You will probably deal with people who do illegal things. Even though you will not feel good about it, you will be blinded by satisfactions which that type of a lifestyle brings with itself.

Dreaming of other people jumping into the abyss

If you dream of other people jumping into the abyss that implies that you will experience inconveniences because of someone else’s fault. It is possible that someone will slander you because you are not in a relationship anymore. You will hear all kinds of lies that will hurt you. You will be sorry for trusting that person with your personal things.

To wake up before you fall into the abyss dream meaning

If you wake up before you fall into the abyss, that symbolizes great success in the future. You will surpass your own expectations and many people will recognize it. Your hard work will finally be materialized which will motivate you even more to continue working on yourself. An influential person might notice you, which will result in a collaboration.

To be on the edge of an abyss dream meaning

A dream in which you are standing on the edge of an abyss, fearing that you will fall into it symbolizes worry for a loved one. It is possible that someone from your friend group or a family member has experienced serious health issues, but you don’t know how to help them. Keep in mind that support is extremely important during that period, but that the only thing you can do for them is to be there when they need you.

To avoid falling into an abyss dream meaning

To dream of avoiding falling into an abyss means that you will avoid an argument with a colleague, superior, partner or a loved one in the future. You will probably be in a situation where you will have to defend your actions, but you will manage to prove everyone you are right, without having an argument.

To save someone from falling into an abyss dream meaning

If you dream of trying to save someone from falling into an abyss, it means that you will hear good news. Your friend or acquaintance will probably call you to tell you that their health is good, which will bring you a lot of relief.

If you have managed to save someone who was falling into the abyss, it means that you will get rid of big troubles in the near future. Something that has been bothering you for a long time will be solved on an unexpected way. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have to sacrifice something, but it will be less important than you’ve expected.

To throw a rock into the abyss dream meaning

Dreaming of throwing a rock into the abyss means that you have been unfair to someone. You have probably judged your friend or a colleague for their actions, without asking yourself why would they do something like that. Try to put yourself in their shoes in the future before concluding that they want to harm you on purpose.

These dreams are usually followed by feelings of fear, restlessness, panic, excitement or even satisfaction. They shouldn’t be interpreted if you have watched a movie or read a book in which an abyss is mentioned, because your brain is simply processing information which it’s received from real life.

Seeing an abyss captures the idea of how you approach the unknown depths within you. An event may have triggered the idea that there is more going on inside than you realized. The abyss can also represent reaching an apex and the need to make changes that make you feel like you may have to go ‘down’ or ‘backwards’ in order to continue. It can be a symbolic representation of not having all the facts in order to see clearly

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