Absorb Dream Meaning

Absorb Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Absorb in the dream?

Absorption is a state of receptivity to the influences surrounding one. This can be either positive or negative, depending on what is around you to be absorbed.

If the absorption dream is accompanied by emotions connected to peace, happiness or contentment, then it could indicate a spiritual awakening in connection to the thing being absorbed in the dream. You ought to open yourself up to the connection and allow yourself to increase your capacity to absorb the beneficial influence.
If the dream is about absorbing toxic things, or is connected to feelings of fear, disgust or contamination, then there is some outside influence outside of you that is a danger to you. You would do well to block yourself off from the influence and erect a protective barrier around yourself. Just be careful not to harden yourself or shut out the good things in the world along with the bad.

A dream that focuses on something that absorbs can be a message about your current focus. You can be ‘absorbed’ in one thing at the expense of something else. It can also symbolize being drained or the sense that you are not allowing for the free expression of feelings because of its association to ‘wetness.’

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